Shielding Sheila

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Shielding Sheila Synopsis by Joyce Grey-Carter

Shielding Sheila is a short/feature film lasting 44 minutes and 59 seconds; written and directed by Joyce Grey-Carter who portrays the role of Sheila in the film.

Sheila is a married woman who is shielding due to having an underlying health condition that gradually begins to impact on her mental health as well as her relationship with her husband Michael, causing great disharmony on an emotional and physical level.

‘Stuck between a rock and a hard place’, she finds herself struggling to maintain a normal existence as a result of being forced to shield. Engulfed in personal tragedy, she becomes overwhelmingly possessed by her raging, internal, demonic sickness, coupled with the uncontrollable, external forces triggered by the Covid-19 Pandemic restrictions. In order to not risk losing her husband, and her own ‘affected’ sanity and wellness, she resorts to taking matters into her own hands irrespective of the Covid restrictions that attempts to ‘steal her life from her’. She holds onto the hope of ‘faith’ as a cure for all her ills.

Director – Joyce Ann Grey-Carter

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